The Two Heart Conspiracy: Book One: Mother is Coming Greg Rudd LCM


Published: October 5th 2012



The Two Heart Conspiracy: Book One: Mother is Coming  by  Greg Rudd LCM

The Two Heart Conspiracy: Book One: Mother is Coming by Greg Rudd LCM
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What if the origins of humanity is a myth? What if children have nightmares of being eaten by monsters because they once were? What if imagination is shifting windows into past lives helping us remember a past we want to forget? What if there is something asleep within our earth that is about to wake up? What if we arent smart at all but have been implanted with an inquisitive gene to lead us on a path of discovery that spells our eventual doom?AWOL Independent Member of Federal Parliament Max Switch, his 12 year old son Larry and his abducted 10 year old daughter Emma, are having dreams, bad dreams, and they are changing.

The omnipresent Chinaman is unsure whether to kill them now or let them fully awaken. Can they help save the world or will they aide in destroying it?The Mother Company is in control of two thirds of the globe but is the Mother Company itself being controlled? The new Australian Prime Minister has rebuilt the Sydney Opera House in record time after terrorists took it out in 2016. Hes a hero of the western world but Rita Harlow, the deadly rogue CIA agent searching for equipment stolen from Pine Gap, is not so sure.Sam Russini, the host of Now Thats Odd Isnt It?, thinks the world is going mad.

Nut houses are swamped with people hearing Voices and theyre terrified. A woman in New Zealand stabs herself through the head with a fork. But shes paralysed and the fork goes right through. Who is this Mother they say is coming?

Dr Faith Randall and her cloned daughter SJ know and so does Milingi, the century old aborigine who looks 40.What is the connection between the Ilya Incident of 1950 and the ticking Switch time bombs of 2020? Why does an Australian soldier slaughter an entire village in Pakistan? How do white doves of peace become black eyed demons of death? Who ate the children in Brazil?So many questions and a literal race against time to find answers.Meanwhile a monster is stirring.

And its hordes are very hungry.

Enter the sum

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